ISCO shut down due to ozone odour

31 January 2014

Since the concrete cover has not yet been completely repaired after the installation of the in-situ infrastructure, the surface is no longer liquid tight, making it possible for rain water to infiltrate through saw lines and cracks. Because of the long period of rainfall, the groundwater level is very high and the SVE drains were found to be flooded and not working properly.

Ozone and VOC measurements showed elevated ozone concentrations near the surface and at breathing height and elevated concentrations of 1,1,1-trichloroethane and volatile TPH in the concrete fissures. Due to these observations, the ISCO installation has been temporarily shut off.

In the meanwhile, the renewal of the concrete floor has been started. Re-initiation of the ozone injections is foreseen once the new cover will be finished. From then on, it is expected that the SVE will continue to work properly and no more emissions towards the atmosphere will occur.


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First phase of in-situ remediation completed. Second phase of in-situ remediation on-going, ISCO and SVE operational.