Installation soil vapor monitoring system around storage tanks

10 December 2014

Phase 3 of the project is being prepared. This consists of remediation of the small source area in the tank farm using in situ chemical oxidation. One of the main risks in the tank farm area is from corrosion of the tank floor by ozone emissions. The tank farm is liquid tight but the storage tanks are built on a foundation of stabilised sand, so the tank floors may have come into contact with ozone.

In preparation for Phase 3, two soil vapour monitoring wells have been installed in the tank farm next to two storage tanks in the injection influence radius. Any ozone emissions should be captured by the soil vapour extraction wells situated around the injections wells (see figure). The efficacy of this system will be monitored by the two soil vapour monitoring wells. If ozone is detected in the vapour monitoring wells, the injections will be stopped immediately and additional action will be taken to prevent contact between ozone and the tank floors.



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First phase of in-situ remediation completed. Second phase of in-situ remediation on-going, ISCO and SVE operational.