Groundwater monitoring in the Midway

18 September 2014

Excavation zone:

The second groundwater monitoring event (the first after the injections restarted) in the midway was undertaken. An initial strong decrease after the excavation was noticed in two monitoring wells, P481 and P482. Afterwards, the concentrations were stable or decreasing slightly. It is expected that the concentrations will stabilise at a particular high concentration as long as a high mass is present in the soil as pure product. When the mass load and hence the dissolution rate have fallen enough, the groundwater concentrations will decrease more strongly.  




The third well (P483) showed a spectacular improvement shortly after the excavation. A few months after the ozone injections started, the remediation target values were reached. 

















The remediation target values have been reached in the monitoring wells near the former drum storage area (P446, P449 and P463A).


In the monitoring wells along the tank farm (P447, P448, P450), the remediation target values have been reached for almost all contaminants except for volatile total petroleum hydrocarbons (in all wells) and 1,1-dichlorethane (only in P448). In one well along the tank farm (P465), high concentrations of all the contaminants remain.







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First phase of in-situ remediation completed. Second phase of in-situ remediation on-going, ISCO and SVE operational.