Remediation works started!

14 September 2012

Injection and extraction wells will be installed in October, November and December 2012. This work will be carried out in phases in order to allow the terminal to remain fully operational.

Excavation of the source area is planned for end November, begin December 2012.

The in-situ remediation will start begin 2013.

The remediation concept comprises a combination of ISCO, MPE and excavation.

In the areas without indications of pure product ISCO with perozone will be applied as stand-alone technology with MPE as fall-back technology.

The area outside the tank farm with indications of pure product (source area) will be treated by excavation followed by ISCO.

The source area inside the tank farm will be treated first with MPE to decrease the very high concentrations to levels where ISCO becomes effective.

To eliminate potential emissions of VOC and/or ozone during ISCO, soil vapour extraction (SVE) is foreseen.


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First phase of in-situ remediation completed. Second phase of in-situ remediation on-going, ISCO and SVE operational.